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Music learning opportunities accessible to everyone

Symphony Learning + Application Technology
= ESLM (Easy Learn Music Application)

ESLM : Easy Learn Music is a music learning system that brings the advantages of modern easy learning courses.
up to the online platform giving every child more access to at an affordable price

Opportunities for those interested in learning music access to courses and teaching by experts at a price of 4-8 baht/day

Help reduce the burden of musical instruments. Guaranteed quality of courses and teachers

It allows students to study, understand and practice anywhere, anytime.

We aim to develop using the technology of the future. Combined with world-class music courses and taught by professional teachers.

iOS system can be downloaded in August 2021



Our experience and commitment

We are committed to all children and music enthusiasts. have access to excellent music courses   Excellent teaching and affordable prices. to make music a part of human life


students who join us


Professional musicians and excellent teachers.

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