Function of teaching to play hit songs with guitar, bass, drums, keyboard 

Each video has a teacher playing. with notes for musical instruments

Each category is free to download. where students can move the tool

Can make the video slower in order to play properly If any song has a technique

Playing that instrument at a high level Teachers will create a video explaining the technique in detail under the instructional clip. It will be a topic of Tip & Trick.

And there is an icon to load Note/Tab for that instrument.

Functions of those who wish to play the piano at a professional level.

by teaching since from beginner to advanced level Divided into 24 grades, each grade has 16 exercises and 1 exam.

Follow the teacher in the video If the player has connected the app to the system

The midi of the piano will allow the player to Also know the score played in each round. 

For Classroom functions with School Management system are detailed.

For the school quite a lot. Summarized enough to see a brief picture is as follows.

for classroom music teaching system when students enter the room  Students will sit according to the number

There is an electric piano, tablet and headphones as school supplies. Teachers will call classes such as Grade 5/3.

into the program system And on the tablet screen, every student will automatically join their class.

when students press play Students will study the core of music for 5 minutes.

And take 5 tests, the score will be stored in the system. If any test is wrong Students will know immediately. What is the correct option? and will have 30 minutes of piano lessons

In this 30 minutes there will be a teacher in the video. came out and demonstrated to the students and follow

In total, students will play the piano for each exercise 30 rounds .

There will be another 10 minute piano test to collect points.  When the students in the whole class played the quiz complete, the teacher will press to submit the score The teacher will see the score of those who get less than 70%. The teacher will inform the students.

Come to study remedial again until you pass the criteria.

The function of teaching school ceremonial music by teaching all 9 musical instruments, namely

1.Flute 2.Clarinet 3.Alto/Tenor Saxophone 4.Trumpet 5.Trombone 6.Euphonium 7.Horn 8.Tuba 9.Percussion by instructors, each instrument is a teacher. with national expertise Graduated in music

from abroad  Experienced in professional music playing with world-class orchestras.

And is currently an instructor in various universities such as Mahidol, Chula, Silpakorn, Rangsit, etc. In the clip, there will be an icon to load the Note for that instrument.

Backing Track (Backing Track) is a function of being a tool. "Orchestra"

For students in the Hit Song category because there is a "karaoke" for the instrument.   

For example, when students practice guitar until they can play Back in Black.

of artists AC / DC until fluent, learners can turn on the backing track function

and picked this song up  and press Mute on the guitar line when the learner presses Play.

There will be a soundtrack for every instrument. Not just the guitar

in which students will have to play guitar instead will create skills for learners greatly

It's like practicing with a real band.



Functions for learning how to play the saxophone in various dimensions such as

Playing in pop or jazz style, various improvisation techniques

Playing with the Key Center Approach

Play in a technique that emphasizes the use of groups of notes in relation to the chords in every chord.

rather than looking at the relationship of the primary key (Outline Chord Changes).

Techniques for creating melody overlaid onto chords (Superimposed), etc.

which is led by Ajarn Koh Saxman, Asia's leading saxophonist.

and other professional saxophonist teachers



It is a function for downloading hit songs that will include both Melody Chord.

and lyrics, which are suitable for musicians who can already play some with new songs

100 songs per month, this function will be available in August 2021.


It is a function for downloading sheet music for orchestras that will include a full score. 

individual instrument notes and MP4s for listening to music There is a backing track system.

for students to cut off their own line notes and join in playing with the orchestra

It will be a 60 track backing track, which will be suitable for musicians who have already played some.

There will be 10 new songs a month, with individual instrument notes included.

600 sheets per month, this function will be available in July 2021.



as a function For loading the sheet music of the concert band. which will have both notes on every line

Full score notes and a backing track system that can cut different lines freely

for effective personal training It's like rehearsing with a real band.



It is a function made for musicians. By being able to organize their own playlists that

while playing music How many songs will be queued? Sort songs as you like.

Can summon notes or taps to be placed in the playlist page.

For those who want to see lyrics and chords. You can press the key to change as needed. and if you want to help fix the chords Or you can re-orange the chords in your own way.

The key can also be published to others. 

used with this function will be available in July 2021


And in the future, a pop piano function will be added (Popular Piano).

/ Function to learn jazz guitar (Jazz Guitar), etc., and in the year 2022 will allow users to join in creating content as they want and can earn

from user-produced content as well

“Easy Learn Music, music learning technology of the future world”